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It is said that the color black never goes out of style. While this is 100 percent true, we can't ignore the timeless wardrobe staple that is denim. This functional fabric dates back to the mid 19th century, probably making it the oldest and most versatile fashion...

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10 Black Owned Beauty Brands... 

Happy Black History Month! Next, to summer, this is my second favorite time

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I Am MyHair

It happened again. As I walk into one of the offices I volunteer at, I’m greeted with the all too familiar reaction of surprise over my hair. Fresh from a day old braid out, I decided last minute to just throw on one of my kinky-curly wigs. The receptionist a sweet, middle-aged white woman exclaims, “I love your hair!” I say, “Thank you” as she proceeds to ask me what did I do to it. I with slight...

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Summer Picks for 2016

Summer is finally here! We've planned a lot of things for the next few months that you will definitely want to be the first to know about so make sure you subscribe to stay informed. Let's kick off the season with a short list of random, interesting, but useful things I've...

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