Five "Must-Read" Books for Black Women


Citizen: An American Lyric by Claudia Rankine

Citizen is a really interesting book. Rankine pushes the boundaries when it comes to what a ‘novel’ is. She mixes prose, poetry and pictures and utilizes space in a really innovative way. The long space at the end of each page gives the reader space to think about Rankine’s observations. I also found her use of images powerful. In terms of content, Citizen speaks a lot about belonging and citizenship. She ponders on ideas about who belongs where and who owns what. She also writes about micro-aggressions and full blown state-sponsored racism. She thinks about the vulnerability of black lives at the hands of the police and how badly the world has treated Serena Williams. Another bonus is that Solange said in an interview that she loves this book. That alone was reason enough for me to pick up a copy!

La RachelleComment