Five "Must-Read" Books for Black Women

Sister, Outsider by Audre Lorde

Sister, Outside is my bible. I always need to have a copy in my room because Audre Lorde’s words are so comforting and so affirming. It’s hard to believe that she isn’t a contemporary writer. All her observations are still so strikingly relevant. Sister, Outsider is a collection of Lorde’s prose, interviews and other forms of writing. The collection, in my view, provides a beautiful overview of Lorde’s beliefs and understanding of the world. Sister, Outsider has taught me how to deal with white women and white feminism, it has taught me about the oppression black women face at the hands of black men, the importance of self-care and most importantly, why I should not waste my energy teaching the oppressor. Lorde’s writing is deliberate, unapologetic and incredibly insightful. Out of all the books on this list, Sister, Outsider is definitely the one that changed me the most and is the book I always go back to.

La RachelleComment