Stylin' in the A


We're back! Fresh off our mini-vacation to the south and 1-year blog-aversary, we are happy to say we have some great posts in the pipeline coming up this month. Throughout the month of May we'll be highlighting the creatives we had the opportunity to see perform in Huntsville, AL at the first ever "Fox Fest" coordinated by the Fox & Monocle Collective.


Attending our HBCU's alumni weekend is always an interesting experience. It's "tradition" for the weekend to take on a red carpet vibe because everybody and their mama come dressed to the nines—ready to #slay.

We honestly appreciate that aspect of our school’s culture. We love seeing how expressive and creative everyone is in the planning and execution of their alumni ensembles.


On the tail end of our trip to Alabama, we spent the day in Atlanta just chilling and catching up with old friends. While there we were able to work with Rey Granger, an amazing photographer we went to college with.


The inspiration behind these looks is called "What We Had in Our Suitcases." Sounds silly I know, but it's great to kind of do things on the spur of the moment. In no way did we plan from California that we'd be taking pictures, but we saw Rey and had to, emphasis on HAD TO, shoot with him. I mean look at these photos fam, how could we pass the opportunity up?!

Anyway, if I do have a point to all I'm saying here, is if you see that amazing once in a blue moon opportunity, take it! Make it work, and just go for it.

More to come, and see y'all next week!

Jode-Leigh & Rachael

Photography By: Jelani Photography 

Check out the outfit details & inspo here!

Jode-Leigh: Jacket, DressBootsRachael: TopPants