Fenty Beauty Is Here to Slay


As a teenager, I was an avid 106 & Park watcher. I would rush home every day for 6 pm to catch the top 10 video countdown. One of my favorite segments of the show to watch was "The New Joint of the Day."  I would enjoy guessing whether or not these new artists would survive the music business, or eventually fall off (I was practicing to be an A&R, but that's a story for another day). I remember a specific day, I was sweeping and watching 106 & Park. In the midst of me focusing on getting the floors cleaned, I heard one of the hosts announce the music video premiere for that day. I put down my broom, sat on the couch, and focused in on the television. There Rihanna was in her cropped hoodie and baggy jeans, talking to her friends about how dead the club was, and how she was going to tell the DJ to turn the music up. This video was, of course, "Pon De Replay." From that day forward, I've been a proud member of the Rihanna Navy.

Since the bloom of Rihanna's career, she has managed to dominate the music industry, the fashion industry and now the beauty industry. Rihanna is truly unstoppable, and I'm so here for her new venture, Fenty Beauty!  


Fenty Beauty Launch

I was absolutely stoked for the Fenty Beauty launch. The commercials on social media got me amped for what was to come. The day before the launch, there was an announcement that Rihanna's launch party for Fenty Beauty would be streamed live via Facebook. LISTEN! Your girl (me) set an alarm, created an appointment in my calendar, created a reminder in my reminders app and wrote it down in my planner. I was not playing. If you all follow me on Instagram, @jodeleigh (shameless plug), on my story, you would've seen how excited I was watching Rihanna premiering the products for Fenty Beauty. I was watching her on a screen, but it felt like I was right by her side (don't judge me).


After watching the live feed of the launch party, I was super tired. I'd been flying to various countries over the past two weeks, and my body was screaming "SLEEP!" I tried to stay up for the launch of Fenty Beauty online, but by 11 pm, I had fallen asleep. I woke up with heart palpitations because I thought Fenty Beauty was sold out! Side note, I'm so annoyed with these celebrities (not calling any particular names) who put out two products and basically in 3 minutes, they're all sold out. Yeah, I'm not about that life.



So back to the topic at hand. I checked Sephora's website, and to my excitement, Fenty Beauty was in stock. I quickly put on my clothes and headed to the nearest Sephora. 

My Fave: Pro Filt'r Foundation

Sephora basically took all the money I didn't have.  Yes, it is true you will get your life abundantly when you use Trophy Wife (true tea). While I loved every product, Pro Filt'r had me in my feelings. I tan very easily, and living in California definitely aided in me going up some shades on the complexion spectrum. I've had difficulty finding a suitable foundation that actually matches my skin tone. I was very surprised when I found my match (400) in the Pro Filt'r Foundation lineup. When I tried on the foundation, I had this glow, it's inexplicable. I looked like royalty, and it felt wonderful on my skin. It was light, build-able coverage and I loved the matte finish. I was legit in pure bliss.


My After Thoughts

I'm so proud of Rihanna. She has set a new standard in the beauty industry. With 40 shades, and more coming, women of different hues finally feel like someone gets it. It's extremely important for all shades to feel like they can go into a store and get the right foundation. I'm truly excited for what Rihanna has in store for us. Personally, I can't wait for her to drop her lipsticks, because I know they will be so bomb. Until then, I will be stuntin' my Trophy Wife foreva (Cardi B voice).



For more Fenty Beauty, shop at Sephora and Harvey Nichols.