Five "Must-Read" Books for Black Women

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I will first start by saying that in no way do I represent all black women; my recommendations are based on my experiences as a black woman. That being said, I think that to a large extent, as black women we can empathize with each other’s experiences. The books I have chosen have irrevocably changed me as a young woman. They have made me think, re-evaluate my life and some of them have just made me sit and cry. The amount of books listed is also not exhaustive because I still have a lot of learning and reading to do—we all do.

Books have shaped the way I understand the world and myself. I always stress that black women need to read! We need to read because our foremothers have done a lot of the hard thinking for us. Women like Audre Lorde have provided us with a framework through which we can see the world and understand our own oppression.

I’ll stop carrying on about the joys of literature and go straight into my list. I’ve limited the selection to five because I find long lists intimidating and my hope is that a shorter list will be a lot more approachable to more reluctant readers. Happy reading!

By Mayowa Omogbenigun