Two Ways to Look Fresh In Your Favorite Sweater

Winters are known as a time for layering up. It can be hard to look stylish when sweaters become the every day essential layered under your warmest jacket. Although I live in California, I am a Toronto native, so dressing for winter months has become second nature to me. A tip to make a sweater look fresh, is to pair it with a turtle neck. You are warm, but still cute.


I've been looking for penny loafers for a while. So when I saw them during the Zara sale, I had to cop. Funny story, my stylish mother and I end up liking the same trends every year. Went home to visit her last September, and there she was with some cute penny loafers on. 

 Sweater from  Makeda   Pants similar  here    Penny Loafers similar  here

Sweater from Makeda

Pants similar here 

Penny Loafers similar here

One thing I dislike about California is the horrible traffic I have to experience on a daily basis. However, I must say the beautiful weather makes up for it. Not having to worry about layering in order to stay warm is my favorite perk. Lately, the weather has been just right. Not too cold and not too hot. 


Rachael pairs a sweater with open toe block heels and culottes, a nice combination for this weather!

 Sweater from  Makeda   Similar pants  here   Shoes from  Asos

Sweater from Makeda

Similar pants here

Shoes from Asos


- Jode-Leigh Nembhard