Haus De Roux: An Interview with Jewelry Designer, Briana Figeroux


Last month I met up with our logo designer, Briana Figeroux in her city, New York. I've always admired Briana's eccentric style and artistic capabilities when we were in University, so I was excited when she agreed to meet up and shoot for her jewelry line, Haus De Roux. A lover of Nancy Drew, Celine Dion and Rihanna like myself, Briana loves the mountains and prefers food as a birthday gift over material things (with the exception of books of course). Check out my interview with her below.

Jode-Leigh: What does Haus De Roux mean? 

Briana: Haus De Roux means "house of roux (pronounced row),” roux being the last four letters of my last name “Figeroux.”

J: What led you to pursue jewelry design? 

B: In college I studied Communications with a focus in Public Relations and a minor in Commercial Arts. I chose that because I wanted to own a fashion PR agency, but I changed my mind because I really wanted to use my creativity in a different way. I jumped into jewelry making; it's not what I went to school for, so I am taking classes to learn how to make more interesting and intricate pieces.

J: Tell me a little about what went into your creative process in making your recent collection?

B: For my recent collection "Hidden Treasures" I focused mainly on pearls. I don’t have an exact reason why I picked pearls. I have a tendency to think of something and then develop tunnel vision and see what I can do with that particular piece. For some reason a “Nancy Drew” book kept popping into my head, the one where they were in Japan looking for someone who was stealing pearls. Maybe that’s why I picked it *laughs.* I do have some more ideas that I will be adding to the collection soon.

J: Everything is hand-made. How important is that for you? 

B: It is very important to me. What people tend not to understand about fashion and jewelry is that it is not as simple as they think. Creating takes tons of time, patience, knowledge and MONEY. People want quality but do not always want to pay for it, which sucks. I want to bring quality products to my customers at a reasonable price so it’s a difficult balance to maintain.  My price points are slightly high and I think there will be items that realistically I will need to use different methods to create, but as of now I prefer using my hands.

J: Anyone you would fan-girl over if they wore your jewelry?

B: Celine Dion. I would literally be admitted to the hospital for. Rihanna obviously, but my life would definitely be 100% complete if Celine Dion ever wore something of mine.

J: Yusss! I love Celine Dion and Rihanna too! I'm fully confident we will see them in your pieces very soon.

* All photos feature jewelry from Haus De Roux

**Photos were taking by Darryl Ebanks. All the others were sourced from Haus De Roux’s Instagram page.

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