Why I Love Diana Ross, The Style Icon

I must say, Black History month of 2017 will go down in the books as one of the greatest. I enjoyed every minute of it. This month is pretty special too, it's International Women's Month! I get to celebrate thirty-one more days of being me, a black woman. It's lit!

Seeing that today is International Women's Day, we wanted this post to be extra special. Rachael and I thought very long and hard on how La Rachelle can celebrate this day too. As a team, we decided to dedicate this post to my fairy godmother Diana Ross.

I remember the first time I heard Diana Ross as a child and I instantly fell in love. Listening to her albums became a bonding experience for my mother and I. Since then, I've been dancing (your girl can get down [laughs]) and singing along to all my favorite songs by her. 

Diana is the definition of a true fashionista. I must admit, that from time to time, I've definitely stolen a look or two from her. Her style is timeless and fabulous. I've even had dreams that I was a fly on the wall in her closet. I later wake up to mine, longing for the day my closet will completely live up to hers [laughs].

Rachael and I decided to channel our inner Diana Ross for this shoot. We brought out the fur, the sequins, the big curly hair and her go-to, the classic bun.


Photography by Samuel Blot

Got inspo from the post? Shop the look!

Jode-Leigh is wearing the Emilia Roll Neck Choker Dress the Elva Metallic Pleated Midi Skirt and the Georgina Cylinder Sock Ankle Boot

Rachael is wearing the Juanita Metallic Pleat Shift Dress & an inspired Apricot Faux Fur Coat

- Jode-Leigh 

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