How I ROCK the Athleisure Trend



I have taken a liking to the athleisure trend lately. "Slaying" casually is my new go-to style. What I love the most about the athleisure trend is that you can build on it by styling it according to your personal style, and just for about any setting. Last week we saw Rachael’s spin on athleisure. This week I will show you how I incorporate my personal style with this trend.


I am a lover of menswear. I think the red stripes on the side of the pants compliment the menswear/athletic vibe that I was going for. Also, I was very intentional on choosing a striped button-down oversized shirt to go with the overall menswear vibe. While I love to incorporate this aesthetic into my personal style, I always try to include something sexy in my outfit. What I adore most about this shirt are the cold shoulders, as it gives off a feminine and sensual feel.

Unlike other body parts of my body, and thanks to good genetics, my legs are not something that I have to work hard for in the gym. In every outfit, I try to emphasize my favorite parts of my body. So I chose these pants to do just that. Seeing that this outfit is somewhat covered up, I am loving the contrast of peek-a-boo throughout the outfit.

Also, I played around with the seventies trend by wearing wide leg pants. If you feel bloated or have gained a few pounds in the mid-section and want to hide that, don’t you worry, wide leg pants got your back. Wide leg pants elongate your silhouette and distract the eye from the mid-section.

Here are some ideas if you ever want to include the athleisure trend in your every day wear.


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Photography by Patrick Park

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