10 Black Owned Beauty Brands You Should Know About


Happy Black History Month! Next, to summer, this is my second favorite time of year. I love the sense of awareness this month brings as we officially celebrate Black Excellence! Last year one my favorite beauty gurus on YouTube, Jackie Aina, did a BOMB (Black Owned Makeup Brands) Challenge. It was a way to promote brands that were not considered mainstream and to highlight black entrepreneurship in an industry that sometimes ignores the needs of Women of Color. It’s also a great way to promote the “buying black” philosophy of encouraging economic growth within the African diaspora.

I’ve put together a list of 10 beauty, skin, and hair care brands for you guys to check out. This was a great learning experience for me, and also awe-inspiring. I’m so happy to see Women of Color building their beauty empires! 

Be sure to scroll down to the bottom of this post hear a Black Love themed Spotify & Apple Music playlist created by Jode-Leigh!


These are only a handful of the many, many Black Owned brands out there, if you'd like to see more leave a comment or send an email. We'd be happy to share even more!