A Closer Look with Self Made Designer Jason Asiedu




For this post we teamed up with Ghanaian designer Jason Asiedu. Jason has been featured in Teen Vogue and Okay Africa. He sent over some pieces for us to show you guys, and we are loving them. Read more below, and get to know the man behind Jermaine Bleu. 


My name is Jason Jermaine Asiedu, I'm 23 years old and creative director of clothing brand Jermaine Bleu. I would describe my style as fun and minimal with an edge, using details to make the pieces stand out. 

  Skirt and top   from   Jermaine Bleu     Shoes from  The Bunny Tail

Skirt and top from  Jermaine Bleu

Shoes from The Bunny Tail

I’m self taught. Everything I know today I’ve learned from people around me and the internet. I studied textiles in high school and that’s the only formal education I've had that had anything to do with fashion. Everything else I learned by studying fashion, reading magazines and of course watching tutorials on YouTube. 


I would have to say fashion has always been the path I wanted to take since I can even remember. I decided after high school that I wanted to be a fashion designer and that’s what I did. 



The brand aesthetic I’d say has evolved over time. Currently it’s very contemporary chic and fun. I have been conservative with my designs because of the country where we operate but I think it’s time to push boundaries and try new things with the aesthetic of the brand because I believe the market it ready for a change.

  Dress and Duster from  Jermaine Bleu     Bag from  The Bunny Tail     Shoes from  Primark

Dress and Duster from Jermaine Bleu

Bag from The Bunny Tail

Shoes from Primark

With this collection,  EVOLUTION, we wanted to create a capsule collection that had all the basic needs of a woman’s wardrobe and also show how evolved the brand has is. 

Before a collection comes out there’s always a constant battle between my creative consultant, Koffi, and I. Weeks of deliberations and decisions on what designs will make it into the collection and deciding what the brand direction for that season is. It’s always an amazing experience but at the same time very stressful.


If we are to dress any celebrity in the world, that would be Zendaya. She captures the essence of the Jermaine Bleu girl.

I think people of color have the foot in the door [in fashion]. There is still a long way to go but the fashion world I think has become more diverse compared to previous years.


In a year or two I want Jermaine Bleu to be a household name not only on the African continent, but globally. Africa has come a long way and I think the world is recognizing Africa as a fashion hotspot. We are  looking at having our clothes  in as many stores world wide as possible. 

Final thoughts...

To all aspiring designers out there it’s not going to be an easy. Never give up on your dreams. It‘s difficult especially when you feel you aren’t making any headway but with hard work, determination and perseverance you will  achieve all your dreams.

- Rachael Joseph