4 Ways to Dress for the Office and Not Look Boring

“Dress for Success” isn’t just a corny one-liner our elders repeated over the years.

Starting a new job was stressful for me. At the time, it felt like there was an immense amount of pressure to perform well. Things in my life felt so out of control. Early mornings, and long days kept me very close to my threshold on a daily basis. One area that tends to suffer first is what I wear to work. My work-style became what I describe as “effortlessly comfortable” which honestly isn’t as cute as it sounds. One day, it eventually dawned on me that even if I feel like certain things in life weren’t making any sense, certain factors beyond my span of control, I always had the power to decide how I present myself to the world.

When I started taking the time for myself, even the 5 extra minutes in the morning to add an accessory or to steam a blouse, it gave me time to focus my thoughts and prepare my mind before I headed out into the world. A 9 to 5 shouldn’t stifle creativity; it’s good to let your personal style and character shine through what you wear. 


Dress it Up

It’s okay sis, wear that dress. Yes, that one in your closet that you haven’t worn in a long time. You know, the one that’s not quite churchy, but not all the way casual. It’s great to contrast a dress with a less formal shoe if you want to give your look an effortless feel. 


The New Classic:

If you’re thinking of a more classic office look, consider a jumpsuit. They can be easily styled multiple ways, and depending on how you feel you can play it up or down with a dress shirt or a casual tee.  


Sheer Chic:

Sheer was something I was afraid to do because I always felt like it was inappropriate in an office setting. This is far from the truth! Always keep a rotation of basics like camisoles and/or tank tops to wear underneath tops.


Lay(er) it On:

It’s that time of year where the weather is still deciding what it wants to do with itself. Even more so, the climate control inside may be set to one inconvenient temperature extreme. Hot or cold, either way, layering will help you prep for the nonsense. Blazers can be paired so easily with most clothing items, thus making them a wardrobe essential. If you don't own any blazers, always start off with an exceptionally tailored one in black and then work in more colors of your choosing.