Urban Beach Vibes, Meet Caribbean Flare

Cuba’s style and architecture are just two of the many reasons it's a top vacation spot on my bucket list. Photographs of Havana paint an eclectic and vibrant motif with classic cars, colonial buildings, and eye-catching colors throughout its urban landscape.

When I chose this look I was definitely thinking about bold and bright colors. These types of colors are a trademark in the traditional style of the multicultural island. Cuba being so culturally diverse is a result of influences from Amerindian Taino, Spanish, African, French, Asian, and the English. 

I find it fascinating how Cuban cultural dress has been influenced by the African diaspora. 

When African slaves were imported to the island country, they brought with them traditions and a style of dress that mingled with the Spanish and French influences present, giving birth to a unique aesthetic of wonderful designs and brilliant colors. 

Beauty is found in the shared history of the islands, and coming from a Caribbean background it gives me a true sense of pride. 

Afro-Latin style provided inspiration for the look and Venice, CA had the perfect backdrop needed to give off that beachy-urban vibe.

Photographer: Samuel Blot

What I'm Wearing: 

Faux Septum Ring Forever 21

Dress Forever 21

Leather Boots: Similar style from Nasty Gal


See you all next Wednesday :) 

Rachael Joseph