Bob Marley, Jamaica & the Good Ol' Days

My mother often talks about the good ol' days in Jamaica. She would talk about my grandmother, the fashion scene at that time, the shift in politics, and the music. Interestingly enough, my current obsessions are all of the above. 

Music is definitely something I’m fascinated with. I connect the music I listen to with other interests and merge them together. I often associate past moments in time with a particular song. These past moments experienced through the music bring the greatest sense of nostalgia. One of my favourite artists of all time is Bob Marley. I remember hearing Bob Marley for the first time as a child and instantly feeling connected to his music. I became obsessed with everything Bob Marley, from reading books about him to watching his interviews and live performances on YouTube.

I don't remember my grandmother as a child, as she died when I was only two. While trying to imaginatively put her together from the stories I've heard, I became obsessed with the time periods she lived through. This led me to acquire a hobby in thrifting. It's fun to pick something that lived through another time and associate it with new memories. I would imagine the person who wore it before me and create my story about her in my head. It can be trippy, but very fascinating at the same time. 

When I saw this dress, I felt an instant attachment. This dress reminds me of my grandmother. Oddly enough, it also reminds me of my younger days in Jamaica playing in the vibrant sun or listening to one of my favourite songs, "Three Little Birds" by Bob Marley.

What I'm Wearing:

Jewelry: Similar style from Forever 21

Dress: Thrift Store

ShoesSimilar style from Asos

See you next Wednesday! :)