On the eve of launching this blog, my eyes were gleaming with happiness as I watched the 10th anniversary of Black Girls Rock on BET. I was reminded of how proud I was to be a black woman. In times past, as a black woman I was perplexed by the reality of what it meant not only to be black, but to also be a woman. But, last night I received an “aha” moment! Maya Angelou once said, “ I feel sorry for everybody that’s not a black woman.” That statement is so true. The anomaly of being black and a woman is a road only a black woman can travel. We share in our struggles, our pain, our laughter, and our victories. The common thread we share in this tapestry of womanhood is indeed a beautiful thing. So, as my best friend and I launch this blog, we are humbled and full of gratitude for the continuous journey, we are taking. This is our perspective of fashion,  relationships, and just life. But, its also a perspective of two black women on a journey, paved by so many before us. Black girls rock!

“I do not thrive despite my blackness. My blackness does not inhibit me from being beautiful and intelligent. In fact it is the reason why I’m beautiful & intelligent."

-Amandla Stenberg

                                              Photographer: Samuel Blot

                                             Photographer: Samuel Blot

See you next Wednesday! :)

Jode-Leigh Nembhard