I’ve always enjoyed wearing varieties of color in my outfits, but ever since I worked my first job in retail it has since turned into an “all black everything” affair. The dress code was, “If you’re not wearing merchandise from the store, you are required to wear black and/or white.” For the first little while, I went into a mild depression. I loathed the idea of wearing all black on a daily basis. It seemed boring, depressing, and plain. Eventually, when I started looking at different ways to wear black, my mindset changed. Incorporating accessories like belts, bracelets, statement necklaces, earrings, shoes, and purses can really elevate the look but still keep it classic and chic. Even a bold lipstick shade can really compliment a monochromatic look.  Playing with textures, tailoring, and styles can also make any all-black fit look just as dynamic as a colorful outfit. When shopping, these days I find that I have to stop myself from reaching for “just one more” black top or pair of shoes. I can’t get enough of it! As my mother always told me, "Black goes with everything." I love wearing a variety of color, but black is my go-to hue and in my opinion it never goes out of style.


What I'm Wearing: 


Shoes Similar style from Boohoo

Choker Necklace Similar style from Forever 21

Rachael Joseph