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for us. by us.

Welcome to "La Rachelle," the blog curated by two best friends hailing from Toronto, Canada. Originally from the beautiful island of Jamaica,  Jode-Leigh moved to Toronto where our friendship began. After graduating high school we both attended the same university in Alabama, where we were roommates. We currently live in Southern California, pursuing our dreams in our respective disciplines;  Jode-Leigh, a recent MBA graduate and Rachael, a Registered Dietician. We chose the name “La Rachelle” as a mash-up of Rachael’s name and Jode-Leigh’s middle name, Rochelle. In the French language, “la” is used to make the distinction between masculine and feminine. We use “La” in the blog title to serve a similar purpose. Rightfully so, we are speaking from our view, a female's perspective.  From our interest in fashion to our intricate views on life, we want to share these experiences with you.